The Roaring 2020's
Spot-On Entertainment

Produced by Spot-On Entertainment

Imagine this:

The world gripped by a global pandemic.
Everyone wearing masks in public for over a year. Daily life at a standstill.
Uncertainty around every corner.

This happened -- one hundred years ago.
And when it was over the world celebrated for an entire decade.

The '20s were a turning point in American history and brought about
the first live radio broadcast, the birth of mass popular culture, the Jazz Age, the Harlem Renaissance, the Great Migration — and the music of the decade reflected that.

"The Roaring 2020s" celebrates the music of that period with fresh, updated takes on the songs that brought the world back to life. Revel in the magic of "Sweet Georgia Brown,""Fascinatin' Rhythm,""It Had to Be You,"'I Love a Piano,""Taint Nobody's Business if I Do," and more. "Ain't We Got Fun?" Indeed, we do.

This unique musical celebration will be a mix of original versions of classics from the period alongside reimagined versions of 1920s hits performed in the style of today’s hottest artists. Imagine “Yes, Sir That’s My Baby” in the style of Bruno Mars, “What’ll I Do” in the style of Adele, and “Manhattan’” in the style of John Legend and Alicia Keyes. There will be something for everyone in this thrilling concert event one hundred years in the making.

Performed by a diverse cast of New York City’s top vocalists.

Produced and booked by Spot-On Entertainment

Conducted, pending availability, by Stuart Chafetz

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Posted: Apr-15-2021
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